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Cementitious Waterproof Coating

OTAi SR polymer-modified cementitious waterproof coating is composed of polymer emulsion and inorganic mixed material.
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OTAi SR polymer-modified cementitious waterproof coating  is composed of polymer emulsion and inorganic mixed material.  It has good corrosion resistance , cold resistance, heat resistance and superior durability. Especially , It has excellent bonding and elongation rate  for concrete and sand base . Suitable for the waterproofing and damp proofing for kitchen , washing room , bathroom , balcony , around the window frame and swimming pool . 


Product Features 

1.Excellent compression resistance

The water-facing surface of OTAi SR waterproof coatings may reach 491 kpa (at the depths of 50 meters under the water), and the back side may reach 294kpa (at the depths of 30 meters under the water)

2.Excellent bonding property, strong adhesion

The bonding strength reaches 20-25kg/cm2 which allows effective cohesion with metals, pvc pipes and insulation boards and all types of substrates without occurrence of hollow and peeling.

3.Environmental Friendly,Without VOC and oxymethylene

4.Good construction performance


Product component

A part: Macromolecular emulsion 18kg

B part: inorganic substances 15kg 

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Swimming pool , basement wall , toilet , unexposed roof , basement , garage roof . 

Coating for Wall

Coating for Roof 

1、Clean the base to ensure the base are firm and smooth , avoid sand, cracks and uneven .

2、Brush the base primer on the base after well treatment .The configuration of the base primer is well mixed polymer emulsion and water with the rate of 1:19. The construction of waterproof coating shall be carried out after the primer is completely dried.

3、A bag of polymer emulsion should be mixed with a bag of inorganic mixed material. Firstly ,pouring the polymer emulsion into the barrel and then adding the mixture slowly at the same time; stirring  it  until  no agglomeration, then it can be used.(stirring in batches according to the size of construction area, the ready mixed coating shall be used within one hour.)

4、If the base is dry ,you can wet the base first , but no water obviously .The toilet tube root, the mouth of drain pipe and the inside corner should be painted first .

5、After the detail parts painted ,the large area of waterproof construction can be carried out . The waterproof coating is recommended to be painted 2-3 times .Depending on the importance of the site base and location, mesh cloth can be installed for strengthening layer treatment (lay it after the first waterproof coating painted ). After each coating film is completely dried, the next coating film construction can be carried out.

6、The closed water test is required after the final coating is completely dry .

7、The waterproofing layer coating painted thickness should be 1.5-2.0mm ; The crossing method should be used every painting .The thickness of the painting should be uniform as far as possible .



● Construction temperature should be between 5℃ to 35 ℃

● The good mixed slurry should be used within 1 hour .Water can’t be added during use .

● Sealing and storage of the polymer emulsion or the inorganic mixed material which has not been used after opening . 

● The waterproofing coating film should be protected from damage during construction .  

● If drink it by mistake ,seek medical advice immediately 

● If the liquid enters into the eyes ,it should be washed in a large amount of water immediately , and the doctor should be examined as soon as possible .


Ratio and coverage

polymer emulsion: inorganic mixed material =1:1(bag); 1.0mm thickness of coating film needs about 1.8-2.2kg/㎡slurry.




The storage should be done with sun protection ,anti-freeze , moisture -proof, and placed in the stipulated safe storage room. The storage temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃. The service life of the product is not less than 12 months .


Schematic drawing

Clean the base and moisten the wall with brush

Ingredients and Stirring

Details Enhanced Processing

First Painting 

econd Painting 

Close Water Testing 


01. Tianjin Binhai International Airport 

02. New Generation Rocket Carrier Base 

03 . Tianjin Television Center 

04. Tianjin Samsung Electronics Plant 

05. Meijiang International Exhibition Center 

06. Binhai International Convention Center 

07. TEDA MSD Plaza 

08. Haite Aviation 

09. Kongang Hostital 

10. Sino-Singapore Eco-City National Animation Park 

11. Sino-Singapore Eco-City Southern Area