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Tianjin Binhai OTAi Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing high quality polymer waterproof membranes such as TPO, PVC, HDPE and waterproof coatings . In 2014, OTAi set up a joint venture company with Acme Cone Company in USA, 

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Dedicate to the development of waterproofing industry with innovative materials and complete solutions . 



Fabric Backing TPO membrane

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproof membrane is a kind of thermoplastic elastic laminated waterproof material , which is made of TPO resin by Chemical copolymerization with specific formula .

Fabric Backing PVC membrane (L)

Otai Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) waterproofing membrane is a type of new high macro-molecular waterproofing membrane by adding plasticizer , filler ,anti-oxidizer , ultraviolet light absorber and...

Pre-applied HDPE Waterproof Membrane (S)

OTAi pre-applied HDPE membrane is a multilayer compound waterproof material with excellent performance .It includes one layer of high density PE film , one layer pressure sensitive polymer adhesive...

Pre-applied Self Adhesive HDPE waterproof membrane (M)

OTAi pre-applied HDPE membrane is a multilayer compound waterproof material with excellent performance .It includes one layer of high density PE film , one layer pressure sensitive polymer adhesive...

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Yixing Zhonghuan DW Phase IV Project
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Yixing Zhonghuan DW Phase IV Project is an important project in Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and the steel structure metal roofing area of this project is about 60,000 square meters. The waterproof layer is made of 1.5mm thickness fabric inner reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproof membrane, and the construction method is fixed by non-perforated mechanical construction method.



The advantages of BNBM OTAi non-perforation mechanical fixation system:


- Compared with the mechanical fixing method with perforation, the construction efficiency of mechanical fixing without perforation is higher.

- It is not necessary to fix the edges of each roll.

- No need to consider the width of membrane.

- No need to cut the membrane (reduced membrane lap seams).

- The wind load can be distributed more evenly.

- Improve the level of wind resistance, currently the highest level can reach FM 1-210.

- The roof is more beautiful to look at.

- Improve construction efficiency and reduce labor intensity of workers.


TPO waterproofing membrane seam strength peel test


Strengthen the processing of connection nodes


TPO single-layer roof under construction


Construction of TPO single-layer roof


BNBM OTAi is a comprehensive waterproof enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, construction and technical services. It has strong technical strength, excellent R&D team and advanced scientific research equipment. BNBM OTAi's waterproofing products mainly include TPO/ PVC/ HDPE  waterproof membrane, polymer-modified cementitious waterproof coating and waterproof prefabricated products. The company has introduced international advanced application technology to form a product system focusing on drain, photovoltaic, exhaust, fastening and detail prefabrication. BNBM OTAi will continue to provide excellent products and high-quality services for our customers.

OTAi - Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium Project

Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium is one of the hosting venues for the 18th Asian Cup in 2023. It is located at the foot of Longnao Mountain next to the Longxing Guzhen, Chongqing. The total construction area of the football field is 166,900 square meters, which can accommodate about 60,000 spectators. After completion, it will be one of the largest football stadiums in China.



The Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium has a steel structure roof with an oval shape. Waterproof content includes metal roofing and gutter waterproofing.

Waterproof material: TPO Reinforced waterproof membrane, TPO fabric backing waterproof membrane.

    - Prefabricated waterproof flashing: 16,000 pieces of open pipe wraps

    - Waterproofing area: Total area of 36,000 square meters

Otai polymer waterproof material is suitable for all kinds of single-layer roofs and exposed roofs.



Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium is a steel structure roof, oval in shape, with a roof height of 59.5 meters. The wind is strong all year round, so wind resistance is also the focus of the project's waterproof work. TPO membrane has to withstand a long time of tension, and the non-perforated welding disperses the fixed parts evenly, so that each nail is evenly stressed, and the wind resistance system is more stable.


OTAi waterproof prefabs make it easier to handle waterproof details. The use of OTAi pipe wrap prefabricated parts improves the efficiency of construction and reduces the loss of waterproofing membranes.



OTAi will continue to provide excellent products and high-quality services for our customers.




Otai Resumed Work and Production
Release time:

On February 10, 2022, after 2 weeks Spring Festival holiday, Otai resumed work


work inspection




Zhang Tao, the production director of the workshop, checked the production line and reiterated the rules and regulations in terms of safety, environmental protection and hygiene.


Meeting of Waterproof engineering key project



Wang Dazhi, deputy general manager of the engineering company, proposed that the waterproofing project in 2022 should strictly follow the project plan, strengthen construction scheduling, and ensure that quality, safety and progress go hand in hand to ensure the high-quality implementation of the project.


Safety Training



Chief Engineer Liang Zhisheng led the safety training before resumption of work, and invited experts to explain the risk factors and mechanical injury cases of each position in the production line, which laid a good foundation for the company's safe production.


Tianjin OTAi will continue to provide excellent products and high-quality services for our customers.


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