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China Research the Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel Laboratory 


Application Part: roof

Roof Type:steel roof


Material:TPO membrane 

New Generation Carrier Rocket Industrialization Base Project (National Project)


Application Part:roof

Roof Type:light steel roof


Material:PVC membrane &TPO membrane 

Tianjin Hite Aircraft


Application Part:roof

Roof Type:steel and concrete

Waterproof Area:7000㎡

Material:TPO membrane 

Tianjin Binhai International Airport Traffic Center 


Application Part:planted roof

Roof Type:concrete

Waterproof Area:120000㎡

Material:PVC membrane 

Tianjin Airbus A330 wide body aircraft to complete the delivery center and custom-built workshop project


Application Part:roof、basement

Construction Type :steel roof、concrete base

Waterproof Area:40000㎡

Material:TPO membrane &HDPE membrane